Contact Us

Phone: 9369 5000

Fax: 9360 9931

Location: 100 Victoria St, Altona Meadows 3028

Contacting Doctors

Doctors can be contacted by phone during normal surgery hours. If they are with another patient a message will be taken. Please give receptionists an indication of the nature of the query. Your calls will be returned at end of consulting session.

Emergency calls will be put straight through to the doctor.

Test Results

Results are regularly checked by the doctors. Patients with results that require urgent attention will be notified immediately. Patients with results that are abnormal but not urgent will be notified by SMS. Please log on to the message so that we know that you have received it. If you do not log on, you may receive a second message, a phone call or a letter regarding your results. Patients are also advised to phone the clinic regarding the results of tests if they have not heard from the clinic.

If you would like to opt out of our SMS system, please let the receptionists know.

Compliments and Complaints

Patients should feel free to discuss any concerns or complaints about any issues involving their treatment by doctors or staff of this practice or issues relating to privacy of their personal health information.

Complaints can be directed to the doctors or the practice manager.

If you are still dissatisfied, you can complain to the Health Services Commissioner, 30/570 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Tel: 8601 5222.